SVH Official is a modern-classic style with high quality manufactured women’s clothing. Taking inspiration from the modern woman, her confidence and intelligence. Each garment is thoughtfully designed, cut and sewn by our sustainable manufacturing platform.
"Make Yourself Proud"



Every woman is beautiful and should be proud of herself. Each individual piece of our design has taken considerable time and attention to develop and refine. SVH Official collection is inspired by women and intends to give the modern woman confidence in herself.

“Infusing styles of the past with the modern touch” 
We are a label born of combination, traditional and modern ways of making clothes. Ready-To-Wear collection will provide a small batch of production line to avoid mass manufacturing that results in additional waste, while Glamour Studio provide exclusive made to measure service for customers who need formal dresses that perfectly fit their body shape and style. We are crafting everything with quality material and advanced production techniques for the longer lasting garment.
Our focus is on slowing down the fashion cycle and encouraging conscious consumption. Our hope is to return to the days when we all appreciate how the clothes are made. We care deeply about making things the right way, fair trade, respect for the people we work with and create long-lasting garments to provide only the best fit quality for the modern woman.

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